TREK TARIK: Bushcraft & Wilderness Survival with Dave Williams


From our adventures at Ubin, St John's Island and many more, we present to you TREK TARIK! Express your interest and come pursue knowledge and character building beyond the classroom through learning expeditions. Inspired by a popular Singaporean milk tea that gets 'pulled' by its barista, TREK TARIK stretches our hearts, minds and hands to reach out into the wilderness and bring its quiet wisdom into the future. With such an appreciation of the spaces and environments around us, we seek to inspire a more sustainable future with our hands. We're also helping to fundraise for future community learning initiatives. Proceeds help cover refreshment, tools, material & facilitation costs, grow TREK TARIK, rental and build up the ground-up innovation movement.

About This Event

In collaboration with Ashton Movements and support from the nice folks from Sea Angel's, we bring you the first ever "Trek Tarik", featuring American Bushcraft instructor- Dave Williams, a lifelong naturalist with 39 years of kayaking experience and various cycling, kayaking, jungle trekking, and mountaineering expeditions. He is here to bring you, probably the most comprehensive wilderness survival training ever in Singapore.

Dave was the jungle survival expert consultant on two episodes of The Discovery Channel's "Dual Survival".

About the Venue

The programme location will be taking place in Living Fisher Village (also known as Ah Kok's house), located in Pulau Ubin.

Programme Itinerary (Depending on weather, sequence of item may change)

1.Introduction, basic prep mindset and warm up
2. Recommended survival kit
3. Find, conserve and transport water
4. Starting a campfire
5. Fire for different purposes
6. Making cooking utensils
7. Identifying edible wild plants
8. Using bamboo for different purposes (Boil water, build traps, weapons etc)
9. Types of shelter and how to build it
10. Make ropes from plants/vines

11. Moving solo/ group through the Jungle

*9:30am- 5.30pm on both days of the workshop.

Meetup Point

Please be at Changi Point Ferry Terminal before 9am as we will need to take a ferry to Ubin town, then another private bus to the holding area. The address is
51 Lor Bekukong, 499172. Please do not confuse it with Changi ferry terminal and if in doubt, contact the organizer for help. One of the organizing team member will guide you to the holding area.

Things to bring

Water, lighter/matchbox, mosquito repellent, sun block and small knife/ swiss knife. Recommended clothes would be hiking or cargo pants, hiking shoes and poncho (in case of rain).

Safety & Security

Do ensure that you are in good health before you participate, light to moderate physical activity is expected. Do declare if you are still under medication or carrying an injury. If you are not feeling well, you are able to rest in one of the rooms at our holding area.

If you have excess baggage(we still recommend you to lock it), you may leave them at the holding area.


Social Pricing- If you are very keen and am belong to the less-privileged, we are able to sell you the ticket at between 10%-80% of the ticket price. We would need to interview you and find out the following information, including but not limited to:

1. Income and expenses
2. Type of home you own or stay
3. Family background

*We also offer customized package.

Nov 25 - Nov 26, 2017
[ Sat ] - [ Sun ]
9:30 AM - 5:30 PM SGT
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Living Fisher Village, Pulau Ubin
FAMILY OFFER: 2 adults + 1 child (Usual: $1130) SOLD OUT $790.00
PARENT-CHILD OFFER: 1 adult + 1 child (Usual: $640) SOLD OUT $470.00
BRING A FRIEND OFFER: 2 trekkers (Usual: $980) SOLD OUT $640.00
STANDARD: 1 trekker SOLD OUT $490.00
FAST FOLLOWER: 1 trekker SOLD OUT $380.00
EARLY BIRD: 1 trekker SOLD OUT $350.00
CHILD (14 years and below): 1 trekker SOLD OUT $150.00
FIRST RESPONDER: 1 trekker (ONLY for First 3) SOLD OUT $320.00
Venue Address
130M Pulau Ubin. Singapore 508334 Singapore
Gather at Changi Point Ferry Terminal
TREK TARIK: Learning Expeditions for Citizens